Friday, October 11, 2013

Nautical Nonsense

These last few weeks I haven't had a chance to sit down with my coffee and focus on my blog.  Okay I take that back, I have had many chances... but nothing seems to inspire me enough to write.  I guess you could say I've hit my very first "blogging-block." Whatever that is...
However, recently I've been attending an "Essentials to Interior Design Class" that the Rhode Island School of Design offers.  It's the perfect class for me while I am taking a break from "real school" this semester. The teacher is wonderful and I've been learning a lot about the interior design process. Also, did I mention the class is right on the beach?

Here is a panel I created for inspiring a nautical themed home.

From the brief time I have spent living in New England, I have started to grasp the nautical trend. The Cape Cod inspired style is classic and timeless. But sometimes it tends to be overdone...  I didn't want the space to feel like you're stepping into a lobster shack. For a home, I think it's important to keep the theme subtle. Just small accents that are reminiscent of the sea, with sandy tones and splashes of blues and greens. Not every inch of the space needs to be taken over by fishing knots and model sail boats.  I like to think of the sea as a tranquil place (whether that's true or not...). And I believe every home should be a calm sanctuary, like the sea.